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Evil Paradise by Jane Schwalger-Wyatt

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Evil Paradise is based on the author's unique and moving life story.                                                                    

Jane Schwalger-Wayatt was born the illegitimate child of a wealthy plantation owner's nephew and a traditional village girl on the exotic Polynesian island of Samoa.  Born between two cultures and classes in the turbulent post-colonial years, and unwanted by either parent, her fure looked bleak.                                                              

After Jane's birth, a pact was made between her grandmother and her wealthy great aunt.  Jane spent her first ten years as a viollage girl raised by her grandmother, with her identity kept secret.  Although adored by her grandmother, she endured hardship, brutality, and sexual abuse.  Upon her grandmother's death, Jane excaped to what she thought would paradise on earth: her rich aunt's estate, but she descovered that it held terrible secrets.  In time, Jane learned about the savage history that blighted the plantation and the bizarre secret kept hidden upstairs in the mansion.                                                                   

Jane Schwalger-Wyatt lives in Brisbane Australia, and is writing the sequel.  "The end is not the end but a new beginning.  Evil Paradise is a tale with the timeless theme of good versus evil, the triumph of faith and hope over fear and violence, making it a compelling and uplifting story for all."