Vtech Draw to Explore Creative Centre
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Vtech Draw to Explore Creative Centre

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The Write & Learn Creative Center by VTech provides children with an interactive and fun way to give them a head start on how to write.

Animated demonstrations help preschoolers follow along to learn proper stroke order for uppercase and lowercase letters. Customize the creative center with your childs name and the screen will show them how to write it step-by-step. Choose a drawing activity and your child will learn to draw by progressing from simple lines and shapes to 26 different objects. Your little artist can then explore their creativity by drawing their own pictures with the included stencils and stamps while listening to the cheerful music.
Ages: 3-6 years.
Step-by-step instructions for writing and drawing.
Teaches children how to write their name.
70+ Letters and objects.
Step by step writing, draw letters and objects.
Teaches: Drawing, Vocabulary, Shapes, Music, Capital & lowercase letters, letter stroke order.
Cheerful music encourages interaction and inspires creativity.
Helps with memory by recognising and memorising images.
Interactive pen: triggers fun sounds and music.
Includes: 1 magnetic pen, 2 magnetic stamps and 8 stencils.