CEO Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai and SSAB invests in GLOW

GLOW ssab's CEO tofilau fiti leung wai

"If you want to be a great leader, you shall lead with God, and if you want to seek God, Pray and read your bible. For those who know God, has a good heart, and all great things that we do come from a good heart to help people" said our very own CEO Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai in her speech yesterday as a guest speaker for the GLOW Conference held at Leauvaa.
This event was organized by the Peace Corps Volunteers from America in collaboration with the UN Women, UNDP and EVENI. The girls from different primary schools joined this event with warm hearts and very eager to learn something new from this program. As part of our CEO's speech she outlined a program with fun activities for the young ladies with free gifts and giveaways. She mentioned in her speech the success behind a person with a good heart, teaching these young leaders to have a Godly heart and spirit to lead in a community. No success can be easily achieved, it all comes down to hard work and not forgetting to seek God's help with everything we do whether big or small. She has also shared her goals in which she has written years back while she was still studying, and now with the big company SSAB, as well as the beautiful family God has blessed her with, through many sleepless nights and perseverance, God has been so great to her.
Lastly in her speech, she reminded these young girls who are aiming to be great leaders in our world to "Be blessed to be a blessing, ia manuia outou ia avea outou ma faamanuiaga".
- October, 5 2018

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