About SSAB

Samoa Stationery & Books Ltd (“SSAB”) is one of the fastest growing companies in Samoa and has grown from one branch established in 2008 (approximately 380 square feet) in the outskirts of town to seven branches worldwide (5 local and 2 international).

SSAB initially started off supplying only stationery and books but within a few short years, it has expanded its range to include computers, electronics, imaging equipment, office and home furniture, hospital supplies, whiteware, kitchen and home appliances, etc becoming Samoa’s one stop shop for all its needs.

SSAB is owned and operated by CEO Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai. Education lies at the heart of SSAB’s CEO and her dream is to see an educated and better Samoa. SSAB is committed to supporting the community through its community projects such as Literacy Week, SSAB Library at the Children’s Pediatric Ward and the Tafaigata Prison and supporting other non -profit organizations such as the home for the elderly, Mapuifagalele, Samoa Victim Support Group, etc (please see our Philanthropic page for more information). So, when you shop at SSAB, you are also supporting Samoa’s community.

SSAB is dedicated to helping Samoan families so SSAB online shop offers a solution to families overseas who wish to pay for products online and picked up or delivered to families in Samoa. You can guarantee with SSAB, you’re getting the best price and quality products.

SSAB cares about its customers so we are exclusive suppliers for renowned brands such as Samsung, Kyocera, HP, Buro Seating, etc so all the backup support is available as our technicians are well trained in NZ for whiteware, electronics items and also home appliances.

Our aim is to help the people of Samoa have a better standard of living.

We care about you, we care about our people, we care about Samoa!