SSAB supports Samoa College's Career Day

It has been three years since Samoa College has initiated this useful program, a "Career Day" sponsored by SSAB, to really educate the students and equip them to have a fair understanding of the real working environment, that there are not just government ministries out there, there are also corporations and private businesses.
"We feel like it's a good pathway for students, when they reach the year 12 in College level, they already know what to do. If I want to become a doctor I should take these subjects, and the same principle applies to other fields as well..." says Samoa College's principal Miss Faasisila.
"When career days were done in the past years, only portion of the school were invited to join, maybe just one class of about thirty students... and this is why we started this in 2021, we wanted all students to access it, which is why I am very grateful to SSAB as every time we reach out, they answer and sponsored this program for 3 years now. SSAB has been very helpful with the sponsorship to cover the necessary things needed for the presenters here today" Miss Faasisila added.
SSAB's CEO Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai's heart is to help the students of Samoa. She has been a strong advocate for education in Samoa, and she is very grateful to Samoa College's Principal, Management and Staff for initiating such a wonderful program for these future leaders of Samoa!
Samoa College's career day will be held today and tomorrow.

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