Pick Up Instructions

Welcome to SSAB’s Pay & Pick Up Service.

Pay & Pick Up allows you (or loved ones) to pay for a product at any SSAB branch or online via our website and uplift it at a SSAB branch closest to you or your family.

We have 7 branches - 5 branches in Samoa, 1 branch in New Zealand and 1 branch in American Samoa. Please see below for contact information.


1. Once you have identified a product(s) you would like to purchase, please advise any SSAB staff in store at your preferred branch.

2. If you are looking for an item but need prices, please call the branch in your area (refer below) or alternatively, you can email: buy@ssab.ws


SSAB Megastore - (685) 27786

SSAB Lotemau - (685) 27795

SSAB Vaivase - (685) 8464048

SSAB Savaii -  (685) 51795

SSAB Salelologa - (685) 51055
SSAB Vaitele - (685) 27651


SSAB Sei Oriana - (64) 2102605285


SSAB PAGO - (684) 252 6778

3. Once you have received your quote from a SSAB representative and you accept the quote; you can either

a. Go in store to a SSAB branch closest to you and a sales representative in store will assist you with filling out a Pay & Pick Up form; or

b. If you wish to pay online, email buy@ssab.ws your quote and an order form will be sent to you so that you can pay online. Our available payment methods are: Paypal, Bank Transfer

Once the form has been filled out and the item has been paid for, you can advise the SSAB representative of your preferred pick-up location.

Your SSAB representative will forward the form to the appropriate authority to release the client's product(s).



Buy between 8am-2pm and your order will be available for pickup by 4pm (provided the product(s) purchased is available at your preferred branch)

Buy after 4pm and your order will be available for pick up the next day (provided the product(s) purchased is available at your preferred branch)

Benefits of Buying Online:

Ensures the product is available Pay in advance and skip the checkout lines Saves you time having to come in store and look for the product

Contact Information for SSAB Branches:

New Zealand

Managing Director: Melisa Stanley

Phone: +64 2102605285

American Samoa

Managing Director: Jody Toleafoa

Phone: +684 2526778